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Today I received the following comment from Ms. Nine at:  http://2bnine.wordpress.com/

“A 3WW gem. Again. I enjoy your words. I’m tagging you. Can’t help it.
You’re da bomb. And tag, you’re it.”

So, I guess I’m it!  Ha!

Tag.  A running away from it game. Today I’m it, the one making the rules.

For the tagged:

  1. Chase your dreams
  2. If you decide to tag a few blogs, leave a comment
  3. Answer one question you hope nobody will ask
  4. Share two web sites that you think are fantastic . . . or, share a photo of yourself that’s at least ten years old–your choice!

I’ll be commenting as I tag you.  When you’re it you get to make the rules.

The answer to the question I wish nobody would ask, click and listen:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6gDeGdQ3rM

Now . . . who would make a good tagee?  I’ll have to think on that.  Hmmmm.  I know!  Pat Garcia!

Thanks for playing, viewing, stopping by . . .

Wishing all my readers a wonderful day!

Grinning away,

M.A.  (mypenandme)


night after night

he was being a complete and utter arsehole to you

repeatedly . . .

and you knew it while it was happening

yet after he dumps you

you find yourself heartbroken

unable to go on

tear track marks forming

tears flowing

trudging their way down cheeks


singing evening arias

on wet stained pillow cases

night after night

night after night

you sit there

penning melancholy poems and lyrics

of loss

     of tragedy

to be played on raw catgut strings

so unfair

your thoughts bordering on madness at times

writing crazy stuff

not your style

your rage from helplessness

eating away at you

in half-starved intervals

alternated with sorrow . . .

you feel uneasy

crumble under the pen

crumple the words you’ve written

your face drawn and redrawn

sun shining

birds singing outdoors

a word of advice

instead of the image of he or she

imagine a dog’s arsehole

envision it in your mind

the wrinkles, the dot in the center

and you pining for it

night after night . . .

when you put it that way

it seems rather ridiculous

doesn’t it?

there are other fish in the sea

and you deserve a good one

by mary ann blinkhorn

Written for Three Word Wednesday at:  http://www.threewordwednesday.com/2012/08/3ww-cclxxxiv.html  The three words:  crumble, drawn, uneasy