standing in the night – for 3WW

to collapse on the floor

while a heart stands silently

peeling stars

peeling tough stars from the skies

barren lips shaken

words over words

shadowed by unrelenting curtains

he describes it as cheap labor

the art of writing poetry that is

to dangle participles

of regular past verbs

by their ankles

embracing their high heeled splendor

until closet is vacant

bed left unmade

kettle unboiled

write it down neatly, i say

then maybe, just maybe

i might understand you

by mary ann blinkhorn

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a story once told to me – for Three Word Wednesday

she’d rattle some plates around

bang on some pots

boil water

make us believe she was cooking something

so we’d all stop crying…you know?

…i guess you don’t know

i’ve got to calm down

sorry, but i think i’ll pass on the cheesecake

by Mary Ann Blinkhorn

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new scene

taking steep steps

through shallow waters

i find my dignity


REM sleep

batting eyelashes

new scenes presiding


firm mattress flips out the guy

transforms him into a flying man

with plot-ripe intentions

a future superhero

who lacerates all previously-written scripts

from now on

it’s high concept all the way

new scene:


he pulls you along through the marigolds



by mary ann blinkhorn

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spring water for 3WW

i think of him outdoors

chopping air with his fingertips

a chance meeting

between wind and man

each a survivor of time

but not of love

i savor the moment

yet to come

when i too

shall greet the wind

with my fingertips

achieving creative freedom

but until then

i shall entice my interest

with words and wet clay

mold what i know

bathe my hands in spring water

by mary ann blinkhorn

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to nestle briefly and then fall for 3WW

his absolute conclusions

about how she felt

what she wanted from him

and what she thought

were so absolutely incorrect

the black and white ideas

never had a chance

to form their own unique path

to blend into gray

months later

when winter came

billions of broken snowflakes

fell to the ground

and she was confronted

with the task

of shoveling

a single pathway

for her own survival

her own existence

while empowering

it left two snowbanks

refusing to melt

one to her left

one to her writes

by mary ann blinkhorn

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This week’s words:  fall, nestle and absolute

retro places – for 3WW

when i think of it now

there must have been a lethal hinge between us

offering only a limited angle of rotation and need


stray dog coughs up a dinner bell

a stopped bell

a tarnished bell

turns around and heads home


as time passes

i stand outside

my faithful shadow appearing taller

perhaps it’s the straight posture

the bold song on lips

the cold knots, discarded

the sharpened pencil

in wooden coat

writing and rewriting,

“the mind matters–just as much as the heart”



by mary ann blinkhorn

This week’s words:  hinge, lethal and need



when confronted with an element of danger for 3WW

he taught me much

like when confronted

with an element of danger

sit with your back to the wall

never toward it

use your eyes well

look over your shoulder

only if necessary

and above all

there’s a time to banter

and a time to shut up

know the difference

enjoy your life

but remain confident and aware

it’s your duty to yourself

and to those who love you


by mary ann blinkhorn

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Words this week are:  banter, duty and element