get off the pot

reveal your struggle
you’re not alone
go ahead, try it
bring it to the dinner table
adorned with warm pumpkin pie and ice cream

unhinged tears flowing
11:11 p.m.
fridge noisy
much commotion
hysterical laughs from next-door neighbor’s party
your dreams
everyone’s dreams

digging into it all
a great exchange
bouquet of all purpose flowers
complete with brilliant red bow

you don’t miss a word
you miss many
giving me a sweet new take on things

drama drama drama
personal disaster without end
find yourself, man
you’re better than this
you will love again

by mary ann blinkhorn

Crazy Rain, Blurred Vision, New Affection

Speak cheerfully,
Like your world’s not about to crumble
Grab that shy umbrella
Open it aggressively
Some days, weep

Angel with nervy wings speeds by
Reminds me to proceed with caution
I wake up, confident…

Like the morning’s something special
Because it is
And emotion is reckless art

Out of one’s mind
And into someone else’s

Small ripples in a vast ocean
Flashy clouds presiding

By Mary Ann Blinkhorn

A Tribute to my friend, D. Buch

you lived your whole life
exclaiming infinitesimally
the POV of a gentle, ridiculed heart
may you rest in peace…

prayer is my precious inner wreath
words whispered
to God
and to you
wish i could’ve attended your funeral

creeping tears rise
gazing at
flipped shadows and
shards of sunlight where
heartbreak and nature become one

no more cards, letters
bizarre phone calls
you, running out of cigarettes
so long ago…


i will listen
to you
through seashells
and receive your energy

wherever one’s wounds go
know that i saw them
from your perspective
and you WERE understood,
respected and loved,
my cherished friend

your passion for photography
brought great joy
cured my moth phobia
gave us a unique understanding of
your relationships with
swamp life and

for a writer respectfully decked out in gum wrappers and stickers
(private joke)
you sure were “lost in poetry”
see you where the sun shines brightest
love always
by mary ann blinkhorn

*Please note:  This is a rough draft that I’ll probably revise, later.


Ben Naga has invited me to participate in the 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge, and this is DAY THREE.  The link to Ben’s blog is:  – a fabulous place to read, consider and comment.  Cheers to you, Ben, and thanks once more for your invitation.  It’s been fun!

The rules for the 3-Days, 3-Quotes Challenge are:

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…..2. Post one fresh quotation on three consecutive days.

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Today’s Nominees are:

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Today’s Quotation submitted by me:

I don’t need an alarm clock.  My ideas wake me.

-Ray Bradbury

See you all soon, with hopefully a new poem.

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