get off the pot

reveal your struggle
you’re not alone
go ahead, try it
bring it to the dinner table
adorned with warm pumpkin pie and ice cream

unhinged tears flowing
11:11 p.m.
fridge noisy
much commotion
hysterical laughs from next-door neighbor’s party
your dreams
everyone’s dreams

digging into it all
a great exchange
bouquet of all purpose flowers
complete with brilliant red bow

you don’t miss a word
you miss many
giving me a sweet new take on things

drama drama drama
personal disaster without end
find yourself, man
you’re better than this
you will love again

by mary ann blinkhorn

embraced in tall sunlight

he eliminates his overbrilliant hat
exposing his heart to her
time:  post industrial green

it was said their love would never last
that he’d mess up
that she’d grow tired of him
that he could never change…
they were wrong

by mary ann blinkhorn