tugging at commas

puffed-up writer
compellingly follows idea
stops dramatically
delivering fragments

lesson learned:
ink that skips and jumps
follows paper

writer friend to writer friend:
you may rest your head on my creative shoulder…

watching blues dance
with downturned pen
in a field of irony
is like decidedly dancing
with snapped wings
and cardboard teeth
not worth writing about
let it go

by mary ann blinkhorn

chance is a timeless change

if you should have me pinpoint it exactly
you were right to trust an honest eye
the eye with much light

salt air moistening brand new poem
self-portrait cheerful and grateful

further back into my psyche
jumping out of the box
crazy paint chips loudly applaud
a crisp, must-see dream

the irony, debatable
upward punchy poets must move on
sky advanced to
a crack of sunlight behind curtains

by mary ann blinkhorn