she puts down her pen at 5:30 a.m.

she picks up a hand mirror

suddenly there are no reflections

no remembrances

no bookmarks

nothing at all but fragile glass words

she leaves

walks to

the bank

the library

the drugstore

the supermarket

returning with only a few items:

one oil removing mud face mask

one audio book

some weekend cash

baby carrots

chopped spinach


and a package of sunflower biscuits

the street is dark and quiet

except for a screaming man

across the street

in a bus shelter

his arms flailing

she walks faster

eyes scanning the immediate area

for signs of others walking

there is no one around

even the basketball courts

have no players

she looks down at her feet

new gray and white sports socks

orange Keds

she picks up the pace

eyeing the freshly-trimmed hedges

trimmed unevenly

the man’s screams

eventually drowned out

by a sudden surge

of noisy traffic

arriving home

she notices that

her neighbours’ children

are no longer playing tag

on the front lawn

though it is still quite early

such a strange night

passing through the lobby

she has a few words with security

requests that he make a phone call

on behalf of the screaming man

then heads upstairs

takes the staircase

hoping the six stories will benefit her

each with a beginning, middle and ending

but of course there is only a middle

she turns the key in the lock

turns on the light


puts on a soft night gown

makes coffee

reads about the benefits of white tea

takes her stomach pill

her pain pill

puts in her eye drops

sets the alarm for nine

knowing all too well

that she will awaken at

two, at four, then again at seven

or something like that

sitting at the table

she thinks of earlier on that day

how children had found a

well-feathered bird’s nest on the ground

how they had thrown it back and forth

laughing gleefully

as for the birds

come to think of it

she’d seen no birds at all

no gulls, no pigeons, no sparrows

no butterflies

only the tiniest of ants

feasting on bread crumbs

the words logical illusions

come to mind

she dismisses them

the words

logical exclusion

come to mind

she ponders this for a while

then stretches out

her head resting on a cold, plump pillow

she awakens at two

and again at four-thirty

her thoughts free

of all but fragile glass words


“i’ never had one of those,” she thinks to herself

“if the required word had been faithful, i could have written much”

faithful…it has such a beautiful ring to it”

she ponders the next word, expectation

a tear falls from her eye

at least she has something to post now

by mary ann blinkhorn

I’ve been tagged again!!!

I have been tagged by On Windy Days at: .  Well Windy–I’ll try my best.  Ha!

The Rules

1. I must post the rules. 2. I must answer the questions the tagger listed for me  3. I must create (or reuse) 11 questions for those I tag. 4. I must tag 11 people. 5. I must let them know they’ve been tagged.

My questions and answers:

1. What is your favorite quote, who is it from, and why?

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”  – Henry David Thoreau

This is one of my favourite quotes.  I have many.  🙂

2. Which song can bring you to tears or reminds you of your childhood? – The warmth of God’s love always brings me to tears.  I love this song.

3. What is one thing that keeps you going day in and day out?

My heart.  Ha!

4. Why did you start blogging?

I was looking for a place to express myself.

5. Is there one thing that you regret not doing in the past? If so, would you be willing to share it what that was here?

Regarding one particular person in my past–I regret that he felt unwanted.  That was the furthest thing from the truth.

6. What is one thing that you saw that restored your faith in the human race?

There is much love in the world, all one has to do is simply look for it.

7. Rain or Sun?

I can write about the rain often, only because I know that the sun will never let me down.

8. What movie had the most impact on you? (A movie that just really made you challenge your view on anything)

Singing In The Rain.  One should never stop singing no matter what.

9. List five words that describe your character.

passionate, interested, caring, expressive and determined

10. What is your greatest fear?

It used to be a fear of butterflies and moths, but I have overcome this now.  Butterflies and moths are again beautiful.

11. What do you ultimately want to accomplish in the days to come?

I want to complete the final draft of one particular screenplay that I have written and live to see it on the big screen.

Now – I get to tag some people.  Ha!  This should be fun.  I tag:

All of the above are blogs that I have recently discovered and have enjoyed visiting.

My questions for them are:

1.  What types of things do you do for inspiration?

2.  Who is your favourite artist or recording artist?

3.  Who is your favourite poet or writer?

4.  What animal do you most associate yourself with?

5.  Name one of your goals in life.

6.  What is your favourite meal?

7.  What would you like to tell the world?

I will notify all of the above at some point tomorrow.  It is 2:04 A.M. and the sandman is calling me.

With best regards,

Mary Ann Blinkhorn/mypenandme


The Versatile Blogger Award

It is with great honour and appreciation, that I once again accept an award nomination from one of my peers here at WordPress.  Thank you to Jennifer’s Journal at: for the nomination.  I urge you to check out her very enjoyable blog.

In keeping with the award rules, I will share seven random things about me, followed by a list of seven blogs that I have recently enjoyed visiting.

1.  I’ve started sleepwalking again.  My dad used to sleepwalk when he was younger.

2.  I am currently writing the second draft of a screenplay that I wrote last fall.  The second draft will be much different from the first, due to all I have learned about screenwriting over the past six months.

3.  Ideas for a new screenplay kept coming to me in flashes today–almost like when you are trying to remember a dream from the night before and bits and pieces keep coming back to you.

4.  I want one!!! –

5.  In the near future, I am going to buy a breadmaker so that I can make my own gluten free breads inexpensively.  It should pay for itself in no time.

6.  I spent part of my afternoon today, reading about “sharks” with an interested group of children.  I like the Hammerhead sharks.  They remind me of E.T.

7.  I often edit my poems after posting them on WordPress–especially the longer ones.

My nominees are:


Best regards,


Mary Ann Blinkhorn/mypenandme

the days of yore

so you sit there

churning around ideas

slipping further and further

into a pair of slippers

soulful distraction

you turn on the tube

“remain seated

for recycled laughs

cream yet to be butter

stay tuned

for the days of yore

retro places

the days of your pain

brought to you by

short and snappy personalities”

you proceed carefully

read the star, the sun

the globe & mail

take a look at now

colored socks

knitted leggings

new front door designs

a place where shoes take you places

suggest answers

and the van gogh exhibit

is way too far to get to easily

so you wonder

what might the next issue bring

another motivational patchwork quilt?

lessons with clay?

sunbleached ideas?

pop-up autumn advertisements?

“hello fall”

you return to the laughs

snack from a healthy tray of pre-made delights

wipe mouth with serviette

stare at screen

there’s a new guy up now

you crank up the volume

listen to dishwasher safe words

oh he’s good with metaphor

you envision your mother’s full clothesline

in the backyard

blowing in wind

as if it were yesterday

birds flying overhead

preparing to…

she’ll have to rewash those sheets, I guess

suddenly you tune in

to cheers and applause

another new face

to excite the imagination

“annoy a few listeners

amuse the rest”

that’s what he’s all about

songs of mental high notes

delivered with sincere commitment

creative energy flowing

a first-aid kit just in case

those days of yores need bandaging

by mary ann blinkhorn

for Three Word Wednesday at:

Today’s words:  excite, sincere and amuse