Halloween Two Thousand and Fifteen

A collab by Mary Ann Blinkhorn and Russell Ayres

Tender like the flesh torn from my bones
Graaaghhh…and they slithered toward her bed
Rancink claws and rancid flesh
“We’re coming to get you Mary Ann”
Mary Ann slumbered restlessly
Tossing and turning
Then got out of bed

It’s a dream, R says
Just a dream
Look at you
You are all covered in sweat
Come back and slumber a while longer

M.A. regards R.  A primal scream.

“You’re not Rusky, you’re a trickster
A feverish into-the-future
Frontally lobish,
Genetically mutated
Intellectually mutilated bi-product
Of one consuming way too much
Legally/locally grown ragweed
Laced with 161 proof octopi genome
Face it.  You’ve been altered”

“Oh c’mon, M.A.”

“You tell me…
What’s more horrific and
Insanely terrifying than
Being visited by a dear internet friend’s unstoppable
Big-brained psychotic episode?”

Rusky clutches his massive cigarette
Embracing it like a shield
“But I’m your friend, M.A.”

“I’m the victim here
Look at you.  You’re armed”

Rusky sneers at his (six arms, two legs) extremities
His once kind eyes, enraged, widened
Exposing only the whites, and then irises
With cephalopod eyes, the so-called Rusky speaks

“Rusky Mollusc’s my new identity
Mars is falling fast
Ya’d better run”

To be continued Halloween 2016

13 thoughts on “Halloween Two Thousand and Fifteen

  1. so nice to read you again … helloooooo

  2. “Now,” she says in a mock Dracula voice, “I must wait for yet another year to see the outcome of the transformation!”
    She sits, reads the poem again and ponders it. Just where will this trail lead…

    • mypenandme says:

      It’s our way of making sure we collaborate on something at least once a year. Thanks so much for stopping by, Liz. I was about to write a reply when I first read your comment and then the phone rang. Sorry about that! Hope you are well. Best regards, M.A.

  3. Resa says:


  4. Jane Risdon says:

    Thanks for sharing your poetry with me here and for liking my author blog shorts story, Under Cover. Much appreciate you popping in and reading it. Good luck and have a fab week.

  5. mypenandme says:

    Thank you. I’ll pass on your kind words.

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