A First Dance

Atmosphere is an old moon
A nudge.  Chaos.
Brilliant, circled ideas
Watching a loved one skip down yellow brick road carrying leftovers
Almost midnight
I gnaw on words
Converse with ghosts past and present
Though really just myself
The actor shines
The sun brightens
A near-jaded entrance
Clothed in life
Writing with overjoyed, hurried, Sharpie
Light, gratitude and attitude
A first dance.


By Mary Ann Blinkhorn

chance is a timeless change

if you should have me pinpoint it exactly
you were right to trust an honest eye
the eye with much light

salt air moistening brand new poem
self-portrait cheerful and grateful

further back into my psyche
jumping out of the box
crazy paint chips loudly applaud
a crisp, must-see dream

the irony, debatable
upward punchy poets must move on
sky advanced to
a crack of sunlight behind curtains

by mary ann blinkhorn

toast and traffic jam

toast and traffic jam
in the sweaty heat of morning

I shiver
doing marvellously well
startled thoughts awakening to day

hesitate freely
like a smaller wind
beware of the
angry faux fur jacket
the terrifically-funny scarf
and the good natured idea
for thoughts change like thin words

think with fat fonts
think with originality, hope and freshness
sing charmingly, always

by mary ann blinkhorn