tugging at commas

puffed-up writer
compellingly follows idea
stops dramatically
delivering fragments

lesson learned:
ink that skips and jumps
follows paper

writer friend to writer friend:
you may rest your head on my creative shoulder…

watching blues dance
with downturned pen
in a field of irony
is like decidedly dancing
with snapped wings
and cardboard teeth
not worth writing about
let it go

by mary ann blinkhorn

8 thoughts on “tugging at commas

  1. pallid says:

    this is beautiful.

  2. alvason says:

    sounds like a pause for breath …

  3. “Delivering fragments…” Wonderful to see your words Mary Ann.

    • mypenandme says:

      Thanks, Don. I hope to post something new soon. Ever since my surgery the “script” side of my brain seems to be working wonderfully while the “poetry” side seems to be stuck in some sort of vacuum. Thanks for stopping by.

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