Fitted Sunshine

Big fat sunshine
Writer tires of the dearest raindrops
All steps pushed aside

Their infuriating curiosity
In the rain
Her, her, him, he and she
Drenched brick minds
Complaining of writer’s block

Default silhouettes?
Just forget it.

Language is a radio
A thick shoulder
The equal part of the wall
That grabs the brain


By Mary Ann Blinkhorn

-13 C

low-rise tears in fancy castles
i fail to see those castles now
absentmindedly, i pitch today’s wind chill forecast
feels like -13

fences resolve, dissolve, evolve
like lukewarm fools or friends or both
or honey on toast
noise, exhaustion, script and metamorphosis

by mary ann blinkhorn

for a brief moment

he falls on short poem
for one brief moment,
she feels indifferent

madly they exchange inks
a few caffeinated words

dramatic hops, skips, jumps
they fly across smug roses
dangling participles applaud

a writer’s freight train
pen’s rickety fence
new hellos in a sharp world

she smiles a little
recognizes his folded lips
his folded heart

for a brief moment
she feels indifferent

by mary ann blinkhorn

across the street – revised

IMG_1900sunflower grows like unreal man
brick wall
quickly advancing in slow motion

face facing east
I imagine him wearing
sundial watch
2003 leather jacket
splash of Egyptian musk

it all takes time
the healing process

the many chaotic beats

the familiar unfamiliar
woven into new decade
leaves me with
desire to paint old furnishings, turquoise
in the midst of noir setting

I walk with unhurried footsteps
in hurried breeze
expression:  a delighted face
wishing I had my camera

by mary ann blinkhorn


style is a smashed-up story
a strand of hope
fifty different ways
to make a difference

i glare at his breezy edges
and wonder
through july mirror
why his expensive best was
fastened with paper buttons?

eat whole grain dresser
leave croissant
at side of plate
like quarter moon

i process weekend words
the ones written
on narrow bits of yellowed paper
overlooked as scraps sometimes

one part kindness
two parts blindness
time never wasted


by mary ann blinkhorn