Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Thank you, to for nominating mypenandme for this award.  I encourage my readers to visit sedge808’s site — there’s always fabulous noir photography there.

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Seven things about myself:

1. I’m writing two new screenplays and awaiting consultation on my first one.

2.  I’m looking forward to having nine days off over the holidays.

3.  My Cafepress shop is at  To see my latest designs related to writing, screenwriting and some photography, visit my public profile at and click on “most recent” at the top left corner.

4.  I’m currently reading:

A Story is a Promise – by Bill Johnson
Hitchcock:  Experiments in Terror –  by William C. Martell
Secrets of Story – by William C. Martell
Making Movies – by Sidney Lumet

– all fantastic books.

5.  We’re expecting a major snowstorm to hit the GTA, (Greater Toronto Area) tomorrow so this will definitely be a writing weekend for me.

6.  I apologize for not posting very much, lately.  I promise this will improve in the new year.

7. Sending holiday wishes to all my readers and friends.   May 2014 bring peace, joy and happiness.

My fifteen nominees are:

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Benleeirene at: nominated mypenandme for this award.   If you enjoy delicious recipes accompanied by great photos, please be sure to visit their page.

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4 facts about today:

1.  This morning I woke up two hours earlier than usual so I could attend a local annual rummage sale starting at 9:00 a.m. and hopefully find some interesting books there.

2.  I missed the bus because the traffic lights had an overextended interest in the color, red.

3.  When I finally arrived, there were no books there.  I was gently told that this year, they are saving all of their book donations for a spring book sale.

4.  I departed from the rummage sale grinning from ear to ear, holding two shopping bags filled with mostly new or almost new games, puzzles and learning materials.  The total cost:  $11.00.   I LOVE GETTING GOOD DEALS!  The children where I work will be delighted.

My nominees are:


All are blogs that I have recently enjoyed visiting!  Wishing all of my friends and readers a wonderful weekend.

Best regards,

Mary Ann