into an urban vermeer’s light

into an urban vermeer’s light

noise, stillness, solitude, silence

present condition

sitting cross-legged on carpet


jaywalking wind

pushing free press onto

abrasive scouring pads

sending it all to kitchen


sleep night

night bright

resting with one eye shut

one ear open

she waits


it was an artful pint, was it?

and you heard what?

poe’s raven?

poe’s raven ranting

perched on circular straw?



held tight

much delight


evening walk

coffee-molasses in

late night carafe

in 24/7 diner

stars dancing embedded in clouds


back home

ripe poems




verses continuing on in the kitchen


where they eat brain foods

fish, walnuts, blueberries

comfort foods warming on burner


like invading a frozen

time capsule


that was a simile

not a smile

he’d say to her

and then laugh


by mary ann blinkhorn