at the college park shopping mall

at the college park shopping mall

an older unkempt male

appears agitated

he stops, turns, ploughs straight ahead

stops, turns, ploughs straight ahead


each time he draws nearer

she leans forward

tapping into his jibberish

like a two-bit thief

in the midst of a good overheard dialogue score


suddenly the man

lunges straight toward her

stops short

makes eye contact


“i went back to the house

last night and those

effing bastards raped

my dead corpse again”


filthy hands shaking

he pulls out a mickey

from brown paper bag

fingers label

puts it back

stares into her eyes

as if peering in through two windows


quite certain

that he’d been the victim

she feels

saddened . . .horrified . . . numb


through slow jittery exhale

she comtemplates a response

but has none


the man shakes his head

pivots lopsidedly

ploughs straight ahead

quickly ascends escalator

he is gone


by mary ann blinkhorn