Tell Me About Yourself Award

Thank you very much to Resa McConaghy at for nominating mypenandme for this award. Resa is a costume designer and a blogger.  Please check out her wonderful blog.

Seven things about me that I haven’t shared:

1.  My computer technician came over and installed my new HP Printer/Scanner this evening.  Yay.

2.  This evening I finally purchased Final Draft.  I am sooooo excited.  It’s going to be a wonderful writing weekend.

3.  After I transfer my radio play to FINAL DRAFT, I will be submitting it in the BBC’s International Radio Playwriting Competition 2012.

4.  I would love to see more of my WordPress Friends participating in Three Word Wednesday.

5.  I slipped on some water indoors while at the shopping mall this past Saturday and bruised my butt.  No fun!

6.  I’m taking my class swimming tomorrow.  We will be doing this every Friday over the summer.

7.  I recently posted 40 myspace writers/poets as my TOP FRIENDS on myspace.  You can click on them and check out their work by going to and checking out my TOP FRIENDS.

My 7 nominations (plus another 3) are:

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Mypenandme wishes all readers a Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend to come.


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Mary Ann

“Tell Me About Yourself” award

So, tell me about yourself!

I’d like to thank Postcard Fiction for presenting me with the “Tell Me About Yourself” award.   I strongly encourage  you take a look at her blog.  She sums up her blog as follows:

A picture says 1000 words…

or in this case 50.  Welcome to Postcard Fiction, a spot for literary exploration in fifty words or less. Inspired by photographs, motivated by passion, I am experimenting with poetic prose of extreme brevity.  Posted stories are works in progress so please comment or critique.

Postcard Fiction can be found at:  Once again, thank you very much, Postcard Fiction.  🙂

Here are the simple and easy-to-follow rules.

1. Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog.

2. Tell the world 7 things about yourself that you have not shared, yet.

3. Nominate 7 fellow bloggers and let them know

Okay, so here goes it:

1.  I started taking piano lessons at age six.

2.  By the time I left elementary school, I had written a short novel, and many children’s poems.  My children’s poems were typed by the Vice-Principal, placed in a duotang and given a library card in the school library.

3.  In high school, I played first violin in the school’s stage orchestra.

4.  My very first job was working in a stock brokerage.

5.  I enjoyed reading, Screenwriting From The Soul by Richard Krevolin.

6.   I love listening to jazz and blues.

7.   For inspiration, I love working on Charles Bernstein’s writing experiments.

Now . . . the 7 blogs that I am nominating because I enjoy visiting them, are: – Sweatpants and Superfoods – Through His Own – The First Gates – About Zen – Rusty Truck – Mothergrogan – The Flores Factor

Congratulations to the above 7.

To the 7 nominees:

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Best regards to all,

mypenandme – Mary Ann Blinkhorn