a zillion stars plus one – part two

just as you must do?
why fade out and then rise?

at the end of the story
you’re supposed to fade out
find your place in the universe
shine for all to see . . .

even if your heart is aching?
even if you feel betrayed, hurt … confused?

precisely . . .
have you ever seen tears?

well yes . . .

somebody else’s tears, i mean?

well of course!

they glisten in the sun, don’t they?

well yes, i suppose so . . .

then what happens to them?

i dunno?

you look up in the sky at night
and there they are
part of the universe
people look up to them
because they see that
they now inhabit the sky
instead of running down cheeks

i never thought of it that way . . .


but do they ever return to being tears?

but of course
tears are part of our existence
to tears
to stars
and it goes on like that

i suppose . . .

how about catching a movie?
would you like that?


by mary ann blinkhorn