the window stands
by wind-clattering mirror
moments that never include paper

i lift brick pencil
with worn-out eraser
thinking of obstacles
busy street
still words
a simple face
settled with memories

in the city
poets stand
on street corners, tall
dreaming of undreamed magic

whilst pens take up the whole sidewalk
invisible they are
scribbling on mind’s written pavements

by mary ann blinkhorn

to imagine you happy is a beautiful thing

my ink skulks not

for i am truly happy for you

halted, the dreamless nights for me

sunlight, adventure and peace for you

may she differ from the rest

be cat-like in every way

hunt, pounce, yowl

meet all your hidden pleasures

scratch the earth upon rising

purr often

but most of all

may she lead you

through harsh and heavy wastelands

past empty lots

into fields of brightly-lit colored flowers

where the two of you will come together

share delights

be truly happy


by mary ann blinkhorn


Written for Three Word Wednesday

words:  imagine, differ, halt