Family of Bloggers Award


A big thank you to Sandy at for nominating mypenandme for this award.  I apologize for the delay in responding.  This is the first time I’ve been able to copy and paste anything onto a new WordPress post for about a month, now.  Yay!

I’d like to nominate the following bloggers.

The suggested rules:

1. Pay credit to the one who nominated you. Thanks again, Sandy.

2. Place a link to the one who nominated you on your award page.

3. Using the anagram of the word ‘FAMILY’ tell us the attributes you bring to the family of bloggers

F. Friendship.

A. Awe (so many talented people)

M. Magic ( one can dream, right ?)

I. Integrity.

L. Likes

Y. Yays (me cheering you on)

4. Nominate at least 4 other people to be in your family of bloggers, and notify them of their nomination.

Best regards,

Mary Ann Blinkhorn