Current Status

She lies in a hospital bed

feeling like salted pretzel

pinned to the sheets and mattress

by cunning catheter

and her wrist’s IV


Drip 2 3 4

Drip 2 3 4


Lips pursed

she reaches for pen in handbag

and then for a sequined note pad


Poet’s clock ticking

she attempts to navigate

the site of self

the sight of self

by jotting down notes

recording her consciousness

but pen is tired


Drip 2 3 4

Drip 2 3 4

No words


Nurse:  Would you like some pain medicine?

She:  Perhaps I should…

Ivy Wrist:  You’re not getting much sleep, are you?


She wishes it to be over

but it’s not going to be over

not until twenty-two more hours

when foley and packing

have been removed

and she can prove

to a nurse

that she can go pee


Nurse:  Don’t forget

No pushing

No pulling

No heavy lifting


The End


By Mary Ann Blinkhorn