brave kettle boils and then clicks off silently

maddened mirror
drives the verse
to a different story
one-way clouds passing

I see it in your chain-link eyes
words strolling
past plain park bench
where nobody’s hat sits

fashion — a frilly portrait
stage rises
ink climbs
gathers new newts

let your eyes breathe, man
time is a would-be warm arm no longer
love — an open eye that sees the light

your verses breathe like skinny tall desserts
garnished with maraschino cherries
charm, style and mistakes

by mary ann blinkhorn

27 thoughts on “brave kettle boils and then clicks off silently

  1. some weighting mystery bolts from a peripheral fabric dragging loosely knowing.., your style unpinnable. awed

  2. simonhlilly says:

    Love the last verse, specially!

  3. Anthony says:

    Nice reading this. Liked it.

  4. Maxi says:

    let your eyes breath, man … great line, M.A.
    blessings ~ maxi

  5. Millie Ho says:

    Favourite line: “I see it in your chain-link eyes”

    Very strong visuals in this poem. Great words, Mary!

  6. alvason says:

    I’ve got marbles in my mouth!

  7. clinock says:

    strong, deep words evoking images of inner struggle, a little bitterness perhaps, a peeling away of old skins, powerful and touching…

  8. Amazing cadence, imagery and gentle force! Love it!

  9. raulconde001 says:

    Well written poetry.

  10. Boil on brave kettle, boil on…
    It all seems to hinge on that brilliant fourth verse. So well constructed.

  11. dannyjdolan says:

    Wow you are doing brilliant stuff here. Very striking imagery, very surreal and abstract. following this blog for sure

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