style is a smashed-up story
a strand of hope
fifty different ways
to make a difference

i glare at his breezy edges
and wonder
through july mirror
why his expensive best was
fastened with paper buttons?

eat whole grain dresser
leave croissant
at side of plate
like quarter moon

i process weekend words
the ones written
on narrow bits of yellowed paper
overlooked as scraps sometimes

one part kindness
two parts blindness
time never wasted


by mary ann blinkhorn

10 thoughts on “style

  1. “why his expensive best was fastened with paper buttons”

    Wonderful expression of betrayal. Yes, writers feel this way. Nice!

  2. Hello, Ms. Blink. ….always a twinkle and twinge of humor threaded in your tweeded words 😉 – with tags like, croissant, hope, quarter moon, & style, – what more might one expect to see hanging/dangling from the fabric of such whole grained weavings! BTW, thanks much for stopping by my literally little blog (gone floating are the days of the epic numbers in readership for shure 😉

  3. Wow this is powerful stuff and very deep. I love the ;last verse ~ cutting but accurate x

  4. Raani York says:

    This is a touching and emotional poem. Very strong too! I love it!! 🙂

  5. clinock says:

    Long time since last visit – struggling with life – your words dig deep – feeling your saying – your expression is real…

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