if you looked through my eyes
you’d only see part…
best to use own eyes

q. well why can’t you just tell me what it’s about?
i can’t figure it out, otherwise…

a. because art is about showing
as much as the artist
is willing to show
and no more than that

q. but poetry isn’t art!
prose isn’t art!

a. in some cases, it is…
in my last piece
the blue-covered tree bark
represented the sadness of an old friend
the red serviette,
remembrances of dining
in a particular chinese restaurant in 1979

q. but that’s absurd!
why write anything at all?
who’s going to understand its meaning?

a. i will, and besides…
you’d be surprised what others
take away with them…
hopefully their own impressions, ideas and remembrances

q. oh, so it’s just me, then?

a. would you like it better
if i spelled it all out
divulged every detail to you?

on second thought
don’t answer that!

by mary ann blinkhorn