two brads only

he adored picking roses
but didn’t know how to love
40 watt pen
under 20 watt bulb


time screaming, “noise”
screaming “poise”
whispering silence
like lush potted plants
guarded by gnomes

friend speaks of
rooster chasing her…
chasing her printed floral dress

i laugh whole-heartedly
envisioning scene
the six-storey building
with all six stories intact

eventually all is gone
except life after script experiences
generating powerful contemporary ink
three-hole pages
two brads only, please
fresh tire marks in snow

by mary ann blinkhorn

brads are screenplay fasteners, the better ones made of brass

8 thoughts on “two brads only

  1. Ms. B. You are unique.Highest compliment. This *is* powerful contemporary ink!

  2. Raani York says:

    If this confuses me… am I just too blonde to get the point?

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