if ever

if ever again
i feel the winds
of white sheets flapping
i shall listen to seagulls
or to whomever come nearest
to their callings
i write deeper tonight
right shoulder turned
toward window
truths hovering over stars
long enough to gather them
hold them
lull them to sleep
beneath the sun

by mary ann blinkhorn

16 thoughts on “if ever

  1. laurie27wsmith says:

    Nice Mary Ann.

  2. What a great thought to start this day….thank you. Edified and re-blogged at http://villageundertaker.wordpress.com/2012/12/19/if-ever/

  3. unfetteredbs says:

    really like this

  4. ericmvogt says:

    Mary Ann, that was just so beautiful. The imagery, the emotion. You are a masterful writer and a true poet. 🙂 Eric

  5. alvason says:

    Lovely, like very much.Especially the white sheets flapping. I enjoy your work very much.

  6. quite a enticing and enthralling and melting mind-picture ~ Impressive !

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