shaken by the music in a dream

it happened again last night

the last time about 2 1/2 years ago

dream with musical score

presented by string orchestra

consisting of several basses, cellos and violas

violins absent

so uncanny

the exact same music as before

five ef sharps



over and over

notes spanning three octaves

the music gets louder

upon awakening

a deja vu feeling

as if been to an

ancient fighting game

the arena, extravagent

well crafted

hundreds of spectators

the image shifts

visiting first husband

washing his dishes

hundreds of them

on counters

in sinks

two dozen potato pancakes

stuck to cookie sheets

half over-cooked

half half-done

soaking in bubbly soapy water

i tell him that

if we were living in nova scotia

it would be a normal thing

(to wash a whole pile of dishes like that, that is)

large families there

haven’t spoken with him since 1991

just plain weird


by mary ann blinkhorn

*comments are welcome, but please don’t ask questions…seriously!  Thanks for reading.

14 thoughts on “shaken by the music in a dream

  1. Sounds like you’ve got music in your blood. I’ve don’t think I’ve ever had a dream with a musical score.

  2. abdulbencamel says:

    Like very much, but to ask for no questions is to invite to the reader to ponder why.. is it not? (<this is rhetorical 😉

  3. sharechair says:

    Wow… a musical!

  4. chrisbkm says:

    So much more than a simple “like”.

  5. No questions asked aloud! Intriguing.

  6. The poem is great, but my favourite part was the two dozen potato pancakes on a sheet. I love them fresh with maple syrup.

  7. Cathy Ulrich says:

    Great poem, Mary Ann. I have Cecil B. DeMille dreams sometimes with musical scores and sweeping panoramas. Like huge downloads or something. Nice that you captured this one in verse.

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