a story once told to me – for Three Word Wednesday

she’d rattle some plates around

bang on some pots

boil water

make us believe she was cooking something

so we’d all stop crying…you know?

…i guess you don’t know

i’ve got to calm down

sorry, but i think i’ll pass on the cheesecake

by Mary Ann Blinkhorn

Written for 3WW at:  http://www.threewordwednesday.com/

30 thoughts on “a story once told to me – for Three Word Wednesday

  1. kate58 says:

    So sad….I got it even before getting to the end.

  2. sedge808 says:

    Love this one.
    ‘make us believe she was cooking something’.
    Very cool.

  3. pass on the cheesecake – no can do

  4. jmd5717 says:

    Well done, I could feel the emotion through the words

  5. John says:

    Every corner of earth knows hunger. 😦

  6. It is a shocking thing when children want this much and a mother has to resort to make-believe. Even more shocking to know mothers still have to face this today.
    Really great writing.

  7. Imelda says:

    So sad. I like the ending though when the child learned to find humor in the situation.

  8. Poor kids, and that poor mother! No mother should have to deal with her children going hungry.

  9. sounds and images = great impact x

  10. poetjena says:

    “rattling pots” – certainly do have the potential to deceive…
    I do so like that line.
    The sound of illusion can have a hollow ring to it,
    Nice poem.

  11. Kris Kennedy says:

    Great story telling – powerful message, and hope through the acceptance of our circumstances. Very cool!

  12. Caddo says:

    Amazing Good.

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