10 thoughts on “Yonge St., North Toronto

  1. John says:

    Haven’t been there in years, a fabulous city!

  2. alvason says:

    I did a double take ‘cos I thought this was our Sydney!! Nice pic …

  3. Don MacIver says:

    Oh my, I’m thinking it’s been seventeen years since I walked those sidewalks…an amazing, expansive city. I lived many years in nearby Burlington and long to return to take in all in once again.

    • mypenandme says:

      Considering the size of the world, it’s amazing how many of us have walked down the same sidewalks. There’s more pics of that neighbourhood in my photos if you’re interested. Thanks for stopping by, Don. Do look me up if you and your wife are ever in the neighbourhood.

  4. I tried to immigrate to Canada in the mid 80’s. They sent me a catalogue of every high school in Ontario. But in order to get a job you must first get a teaching certificate. You can’t apply for the job unless you have a green worker’s card but you can’t get one unless you have the job lined up which you can’t get without the certificate. Huh?

    I wrote to the then director of immigration for Canada, John Metcalf. His once sentence reply was “It does seem to be quite a Catch-22. “

  5. johncoyote says:

    A very nice photo. I like to spend some time in Toronto. I went there many years ago. Always a beautiful city.

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