after the lime twist

he flicks off a lime twist

shoots the scene

kills it

waits for a second sunset


the tip of a night’s face

appears on a hand towel

he sighs

crawls through a fine tooth comb

the plot advances


waiting until daybreak

he takes a trip down random street

sits a spell

smoke in one hand

mindset in the other

while the day

quietly tows away

the hellos

the ifs

and the maybes


prose is a gently worn scarf

out for an evening stroll

don’t point your finger at me


by mary ann blinkhorn

22 thoughts on “after the lime twist

  1. Your ending to this one is interesting.

  2. sedge808 says:

    he flickr’s off a lime twist

  3. Love it! Especially the last stanza!

  4. Kris Kennedy says:

    I love the lines: smoke in one hand, mindset in the other…very cool. Interesting way you brought it to a close…

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