spring water for 3WW

i think of him outdoors

chopping air with his fingertips

a chance meeting

between wind and man

each a survivor of time

but not of love

i savor the moment

yet to come

when i too

shall greet the wind

with my fingertips

achieving creative freedom

but until then

i shall entice my interest

with words and wet clay

mold what i know

bathe my hands in spring water

by mary ann blinkhorn

written for Three Word Wednesday at:  http://www.threewordwednesday.com/

9 thoughts on “spring water for 3WW

  1. I like the metaphor “greet the wind”. It has so many possibilities of understanding. It is not always a rewarding experience in one sense: Hurricane season in Miami.

  2. Jae Rose says:

    What breathless imagery..ethereal..I wonder what magic his hands make..Jae

  3. Wow! I love the movement !

  4. I like this poem. I can feel it.

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