Tagged…You’re It!

When Norman invited me to play, I responded, “I would love to.”  Thank you, Norman.  Please visit Norman Cooper’s wonderful WordPress page at: http://normancooper.wordpress.com/

The rules…

1. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
2. They must also answer the 11 questions the ‘tagger’ has set for them.
3. They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
4. They must then choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and tag them in their post.
5. These lucky bloggers must then be told.
6. There are no tag backs.

#4 has been bended a bit, but oh well!  Ha!

The anwers to Norman’s questions are:

1) If you could choose to live anywhere in the world, and work was guaranteed, where would it be?

A)  Anywhere safe and warm where I could sit on a beach and write.

2) What is you fondest childhood memory?

A)  Moving the lawn with a plastic lawnmower beside my father who was actually mowing, going fishing with him, playing cribbage with him, playing Monopoly with my mom and dad, playing with Barbie Dolls with my mother, going shopping with her, going for walks with my grandfather and his dog, piano lessons, cooking with my grandmother, playing with friends…  There are so many.  I can’t pin it down to one… (I can’t pin the bad ones down to one, either…such is life.

3) Does it bother you when people “dog-ear” the corners of their book pages? What about writing and highlighting in a book?

A)  No.  I used to do that myself.  I don’t any longer.  One day I discovered that I had about 10 bookmarks, so I started using them.

4) Kindle/Nook or traditionalist?

A)  Undecided.

5) If national elections had celebrity judges and a telephone hotline, would people be more apt to get involved in government?

A) Oh probably…  Lol…

6) What’s your favorite movie/TV show?

A) I get a kick out of Judge Judy.

7) What were you doing on August 21, 1987?

I was the Executive Director of a non-profit child care centre situated in a High School.

8) Dude, do you have the answers to yesterday’s Algebra homework?

A)  I’ll give you my answers but I won’t say that they are correct.

9) Glass half-full or half-empty?

A)  Full–always half-full.  You wouldn’t know if from my poetry.

10) What’s your least favorite color? (good question Mirror Muse)

A)  I agree with you–yellow with green or brown thrown in

11) If you were born on February 29, when would you celebrate your birthday?

A)  The nearest Saturday or Sunday.


Eleven things about me:

1.  I used to have a cat that would fetch a rubber mouse and return it to me.

2.  I am a registered Early Child Educator

3.  I like most types of music if done well.


5.  The current screenplay that I am writing, mainly takes place in Space.

6.  William C. Martell’s articles are very inspiring.

7.  I love making Mock Apple Pie and watching people’s faces when they learn that the apples are actually Ritz biscuits.

8.  7 Minute Frosting is my favorite icing.

9.  I gained weight while recovering from surgery.  I am in the process of losing it now.  (the weight, that is!)

10.  My boss and my co-workers are the most wonderful people.

11.  I like ginger ale but I’m allergic to ginger so I mostly drink coffee.


My 11 questions:

1)  What is your favorite movie?

2)  Brothers and sisters, or only child?

3)  Your favorite birthday?

4)  Your favorite book or author?

5)  Do you play a sport?  Watch sports?

6)  Name your top three passions…

7)  Name one goal of yours…

8)  When was the last time that you laughed?

9)  Do you have any pets?

10)  What color are your eyes?

11)  What is your favorite television commercial from the past?

The nominees:












To my nominees:  If you’d like to play, you’re it!  🙂

P.S.  I must get some sleep now.  I will notify my nominees of their nomination, tomorrow.


Best regards,




11 thoughts on “Tagged…You’re It!

  1. Alastair says:

    I think it’s easier to pick just anybody as it is difficult to find who has under 200 followers, so I have removed that part

    Thanks for tagging me 🙂

  2. Norman Cooper says:

    In open defiance to the Tag Gods, I didn’t follow the 200 follower mandate…but passed on the rule, anyway. Maybe they didn’t notice.

    Good answers! I gained all of my weight post-surgery, also. However, that was over ten years ago. Can I still cling to that reasoning? 🙂

    Thanks for playing.

  3. Imagine having OVER 200 followers. I was thrilled when I got to 29! Thanks for tagging me ~ I will work on my answers tomorrow!

  4. boomiebol says:

    Thank you so much for tagging me, very much appreciated. Enjoyed reading more about you :).

  5. […] Ann over at My Pen And Me has tagged me. I like playing these tag games as you get to find things out about […]

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