I like pigeons. This is a great article.

Francine In Retirement

Pigeons, you see them everywhere in Pittsburgh, other cities and around the world.  They are hard to get rid of and they eat everything.  Drop or throw them food and they will come from out of nowhere to devour it in minutes.  

Some say if they poop on you, you will have good luck.  I don’t know about that.  But I hope you take time to view the  21 amazing facts you didn’t know about them located here.



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6 thoughts on “THREE FACES OF A PIGEON

  1. We saw a mourning dove, which is a close relative of the pigeon, successfully evade a rapacious Cooper’s Hawk. It was an amazing performance of evade and escape.

  2. Thank you for reblogging this article – I love pigeons! I live in the heart of the city, on the top floor of my building, and I am blessed to have these lovely birds as my constant companions; they nest right above me and if I am lucky at times they will walk on my skylight, looking down as if to say “hi”. And right now I can hear the latest batch of “squeakers” and that is exactly what they do when it is time to eat! Thanks for helping me learn more about my lovely feathered friends 🙂

  3. Starlings are my favourite but I will now look at Pigeons with a new-found respect

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