46 thoughts on “Six-word memoir and doodle by Mary Ann Blinkhorn

  1. Paired well, the art and the poetic essence of thought! Z

  2. Deborah Avila says:

    very intricate ~a look inside ~ Really wonderful Mary.

  3. Wonderful! Thank you for visiting my blog and for following me!

  4. Deb says:

    I’m wondering if you even realize how wonderful this artwork is…wonderful abstract! 🙂

  5. hans kreher says:

    Hello, will follow you here. Two words less you’d be Hemingway, have a good day, hans

  6. jmmcdowell says:

    Great combination of words and image. You say so much in so few words!

  7. pozkarma says:


  8. Thomas Ross says:

    Mary Ann,

    And I thought my posts were succinct.

    This is just perfect- words and doodle.



  9. […] Six-word memoir and doodle by Mary Ann Blinkhorn. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. This entry was posted in Uncategorized by pozkarma. Bookmark the permalink. […]

  10. seapunk2 says:

    Interesting… I must see more…

  11. I love your artwork – amazing!

  12. Hi there..I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. 🙂 Go to my home page and check it out. You have wonderful poetry!

  13. Raani York says:

    Very special and interesting. I like it.

  14. Maxi says:

    Sails and self mesh together with the wind. Great job!
    Blessings – Maxi

  15. granbee says:

    Sailing away with you, Mary Ann!

  16. insomniasheep says:

    forward forward over the starlit sea.
    Very nice. I like the picture as well as the words. Just started my own blog…it’s a lot of work, fun, but work. Keep up the good work.

  17. I Love That! So elegantly simple with a wonderful creative spark!

  18. JRJ2015 says:

    love this, it looks as though a fish has a net and is trying to save a woman in the water.

  19. […] Six-word memoir and doodle by Mary Ann Blinkhorn. […]

  20. Lynne Ayers says:

    I didn’t know 6 words could say so much … I’m really going to have to learn to become more succinct in my writing.

    • mypenandme says:

      Legend has it that when Earnest Hemingway was challenged to write a six-word story, he came up with, “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Upon reading this, I was inspired to try it. 🙂

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