the days of yore

so you sit there

churning around ideas

slipping further and further

into a pair of slippers

soulful distraction

you turn on the tube

“remain seated

for recycled laughs

cream yet to be butter

stay tuned

for the days of yore

retro places

the days of your pain

brought to you by

short and snappy personalities”

you proceed carefully

read the star, the sun

the globe & mail

take a look at now

colored socks

knitted leggings

new front door designs

a place where shoes take you places

suggest answers

and the van gogh exhibit

is way too far to get to easily

so you wonder

what might the next issue bring

another motivational patchwork quilt?

lessons with clay?

sunbleached ideas?

pop-up autumn advertisements?

“hello fall”

you return to the laughs

snack from a healthy tray of pre-made delights

wipe mouth with serviette

stare at screen

there’s a new guy up now

you crank up the volume

listen to dishwasher safe words

oh he’s good with metaphor

you envision your mother’s full clothesline

in the backyard

blowing in wind

as if it were yesterday

birds flying overhead

preparing to…

she’ll have to rewash those sheets, I guess

suddenly you tune in

to cheers and applause

another new face

to excite the imagination

“annoy a few listeners

amuse the rest”

that’s what he’s all about

songs of mental high notes

delivered with sincere commitment

creative energy flowing

a first-aid kit just in case

those days of yores need bandaging

by mary ann blinkhorn

for Three Word Wednesday at:

Today’s words:  excite, sincere and amuse

25 thoughts on “the days of yore

  1. Jae Rose says:

    ‘hello fall’ is such a telling can be a strange reality passing time in front of the once familiar but a little removed..when you start to think at many images here rang true..jae

    • mypenandme says:

      Thank you, Jae. At first when I saw the three words, nothing came to mind at all, then I woke up in the middle of the night and started writing it–finished it up this morning.

  2. Sheilagh Lee says:

    this tells a real story.Well done.

  3. Anthony says:

    U nailed it good. U are really good with this 3 word Wednesday.

    • mypenandme says:

      Thank you, Anthony. Once finished it, I had to move faster than my usual walking speed in order to get to work on time this morning. I made it there with two minutes to spare. 🙂

  4. mypenandme says:

    My oh my…I must have been out in left field this morning! Ha! I did a bit of editing–don’t know if it will help much. Shaking my head…

  5. A wonderful little journey… =)

  6. slipping further

    into a pair of slippers – self imposed encapsulation and insulation ?

  7. JRJ2015 says:

    oh my gosh, i felt as though i was reading some of the things in my own head 🙂 Thank you for sharing this…

  8. JRJ2015 says:

    Reblogged this on IAmOneWeAreThree and commented:
    I really felt in touch with this.Loved it alot…

  9. rusky says:

    Awesomeness and reality to
    I Like You

  10. Excellent mind and pen work…Loved your writing…Bev B

  11. Love your blog! And thanks for visiting mine! 🙂

  12. Thomas says:

    Very nice. You drew me in to this world.

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