i remember the days of baklavas

sweet ripe cantaloupes, cottage cheese

you and me

running our laps

you physically fit

me out of breath

feeling invigorated

red silk pillowcases in the cupboard


by mary ann blinkhorn

16 thoughts on “reminiscing

  1. a conjuring up poem – it makes the imagination work

  2. Pete Armetta says:

    Delightful. And it’s uncanny, I wrote something about reminiscing today too! From a different angle haha 🙂 This tasted so sweet on my tongue!

  3. Jae Rose says:

    Those pillow cases hold much more than pillows..beautifully written..jae

  4. Anthony says:

    Reading this left me out of breath…..

  5. Get Better Mary Ann! WE need your inspiration!

  6. EllieAnn says:

    red silk pillowcases. i love it.

  7. Love it…What a great writers mind you have…Bev B

  8. granbee says:

    Mary Ann, how very dear were those days and how precious the memories you so generously and poetically share with us here. Thank you.

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