9 thoughts on “Ahhhhhh!

  1. mypenandme says:

    Playing with shadows on the wall, using my eyeglasses to create images and killing myself laughing. Made entirely with my camera, one wall, eyeglasses, shadows and text.

  2. evea192 says:

    It looks really good, lol!

  3. having fun yet? hope so – enjoyed your fun with shadows and light

  4. patgarcia says:

    My Dear, your creativity amazes me. I like this one.

  5. geezergirl1 says:

    Ha.. hahahahahahahahahhaa

    • mypenandme says:

      I’ve been told by another that the third picture does not look like an insect. I had thought that it did when I first posted it–at least that’s what I saw! Oh well! LOL…

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