10 thoughts on “The view through a window in my classroom

  1. nonoymanga says:

    Very nice!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  2. Brilliant! those little ones in the pots are seeking their inspiration from the big ones outside. Good luck.

  3. Ed says:

    This reminds me of my sisters classroom in Illinois and my dads science classroom from a long time ago. Both have over 50 years of teaching experience between them even though my dad has been retired for 20 plus years now..:-)

  4. Food Forays says:

    LOVE that you’re teaching your children about growing plants… some of them will never forget the experience, and will carry it on through their lifetimes.
    Tami xo

  5. pennycoho says:

    Delightful. Your posts are simply delightful. I will enjoy following your words.

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