while picking the crumbs of sleep from her eyes

she fully awakens

slips on favorite dress

washes her face in cool cool water

she should be thanking

her lucky stars

but the sky is clear tonight

sitting at computer

she smells the hint of

cuban cigar

blowing in

from the hallway

page freezing up

she tries to refresh it

but it will not refresh

it will not ever refresh

by mary ann blinkhorn

14 thoughts on “frozen

  1. rozzychan says:

    I adore this.
    It sounds like life. Good spin on a bad situation.

  2. abdulbencamel says:

    you did it! this moment truly frozen. strangely beautifully

  3. Pete Armetta says:

    That’s it right? Just stuck in that meaningful and significant moment. Nice one Mary Ann,

  4. Cathy Ulrich says:

    Powerful imagery – Thank you!

  5. “It will not ever refresh” – that and the clear, starless sky stick in my mind as I read this.

  6. you’re Cuban? me, too! Beautiful writing and it sticks to the tongue! ~thank you dear~ Deborah

  7. Maxi says:

    Good one, P-M. Everything is frozen except … the smoke sneakin’ under the door.
    Blessings – Maxi

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