belated feet walking

one never knows what to do

when it doesn’t make sense


laughing with foolish teeth

she follows the skulking mist

until its footprints drop

down, down, down

onto a clay street

defacing a clay dog

that leaves her heartbroken


belated feet walking

she calls his name

tender fog presiding

protecting her from

bulky truths

telephone booths

big dipper in candid sky


does she resign

or does she fail to do so?


she holds out an apple

embracing the star within


by mary ann blinkhorn


Written for Three Word Wednesday at:

This week’s words:  bulky, mist and resign


mypenandme says, “Thank you kindly for the likes.”

38 thoughts on “belated feet walking

  1. purehaiku says:

    intriguing and tender I like the way the fog shifts, appears threatening and then becomes protective

  2. Hey

    I’ve nominated you for the ‘Inspiring Blog Award’ 😀 Click here for more info:

    ~ JLT

  3. abdulbencamel says:

    tenaciously embraceable

  4. Berowne says:

    Nice thought; nicely written.

  5. Deborah Avila says:

    Fantastic imagery! Its excellent in the aliteration.~Deborah

  6. ManicDdaily says:

    Very interesting poem. K.

  7. aloha mypenandme. those first two lines. wow, yeah.and then the strength that follows. you write strong. I like that.

  8. Kim Nelson says:

    Those last two lines are the best!

  9. I really enjoy the last two lines…it really brings a whole new facet and depth to the poem!

  10. This is beautiful Mary ann. It has a light feel to it. And a surreal sense of being. Easy to flow with.

  11. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    I love the candid sky. That phrase is so thought provoking.

  12. rusky says:

    Delightful MA

    • mypenandme says:

      This was the Three Word Wednesday that I was telling you about. You should give it a try. Just click on the link. Three new words are posted there every Friday. Just kidding–every Wednesday! 😉

  13. Sheilagh Lee says:

    I love the alliteration in this piece and the images it provokes.

  14. laughing with foolish teeth !!! Great line. Thanks visit my blog.

  15. I say this quite often after reading poems. But, ‘I don’t get it.’

  16. Clay – what a great word. Thanks for finding me 🙂

  17. fgassette says:

    Very nice post. Thanks for visiting my blog.


  18. leamuse says:

    Thanks for following one of my blogs. I am glad you enjoyed the last post, Red’s Own Story.
    Now back to checking out your work. 🙂

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