12 thoughts on “Doodle #2 – Girl and Horse

  1. Nifti says:

    Cute. I see a bow in the girl’s hair.. hehe.

  2. TimCC says:

    There is a wonderful innocence here.

  3. You inspire me! I used to doodle a lot … might have to get back to that.

  4. aloha mypenandme. I like your doodle works. …play. one of the very most focused forms of creativity – and work – that I know.

    last September I played with a work a day month with Haiga (image with haiku as one work). I’ve been wondering about attempting it again this September. right now I’m thinking I probably will. I hope you’ll join in if it appeals to you. it was fine to join in any time and as often as it worked out for people.

    regardless of September, I like these free explorations into image. cool on that. aloha

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