steel-cheeked bluebird

i sit here a while

trying to envision him

pondering how

i’d describe him


blurred steel-cheeked bluebird

sitting atop blurred picket fence

wondering if he’ll

ever find happiness

i weep for him, sometimes


by mary ann blinkhorn

32 thoughts on “steel-cheeked bluebird

  1. Stacy Lyn says:

    I would not weep for the bluebird – he must be happy, I think. After all, he is a bird. ❤

  2. TimCC says:

    Is this more about us than the bluebird?

    • mypenandme says:

      I wrote this poem while thinking of a very dear friend of mine who suffers from severe chronic depression. He is a brilliant nature photographer and poet. One views his nature photography (in yesterday’s case, a blue-colored bird) and is uplifted by the beauty that he has captured through his eyes, heart, soul and lens. One reads his heartbreaking poetry and feels unbelievable sadness for him. So here I was yesterday, viewing this gorgeous photo of a blue bird, with tearfilled eyes after just having read his latest poems. When one has tear-filled eyes, one’s vision becomes blurred. This poem was a snapshot of how I was feeling at the moment as I do care about my good friends very much.

  3. m lewis redford says:


  4. David says:

    blurred picket fence….deeper than it looks….love this one

  5. The Writer says:

    I wish I was half as talented to put together such beautiful words. Thank you for sharing this one!

  6. abdulbencamel says:

    you seem so balanced in the falling – your secret to floating

  7. ladyfi says:

    Wonderful writing!

  8. After reading this, I felt very sad for the bluebird. Even if he flies away, the sadness flies with him. Nice work.

    • mypenandme says:

      I really like what you wrote here. I just went over to your blog and caught up on a few poems. I especially love the beautiful poem that you wrote about your wife. Best regards,
      Mary Ann

  9. ManicDdaily says:

    Steel cheeks don’t crack smiles readily. k.

  10. Deborah Avila says:

    My heart relatess~ Truth! I appreciate your writing very deeply because we carry a fervent love for Light~ Thank you dear Mary xo~Deborah

  11. johnlmalone says:

    my goodness; your blog is so popular. I do love the bluebird poem. Sometimes I feel like that bluebird. and thanks for taking an interest in my humble little blog. Although it is mostly concerned with short stories I did have some sort of standing as a poet

  12. The Escapist says:

    Never thought your and your blog is famous! 😀

  13. billgncs says:

    very touching, thanks for sharing

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