re-upholstered verse

she sits on flowery sofa

studying re-upholstered verse

half-finished words

a broken ego

poor decisions in self-stamped ink

swaying to and fro

like a pendulum

she fast forwards it all

to half-drawn scene

where opinions probe

sunny-cold art

mended whole picture

bluesy old ink still fragile

she sighs

eats a cheese danish

by mary ann blinkhorn

19 thoughts on “re-upholstered verse

  1. empressalice says:

    its simple and beautiful 🙂 i really enjoyed it!

  2. Beautiful imagery! It made me feel old-fashioned.

  3. Thank you for this one. Very contemplative.

  4. ManicDdaily says:

    This has a wonderful flow, and I love the way it resolves itself–from the sofa, regret, all the way through to blueberry danish! K.

  5. emosensei says:

    Love the use of compound words, and the way that affects the flow. And cheese Danish at the end made me chuckle. Xo!

  6. evildick13 says:


  7. Food Forays says:

    This really spoke to me… touched a melancholy side of me, and then I couldn’t help but giggle over the cheese danish! SO well done!

  8. Wonderful elevation of the moment. Captivating.

  9. Laura says:

    I agree with all above about the cheese danish, but for me those first four lines are *amazing.* Lovely. Thank you.

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